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New Charms! Manatee, Chemistry Flask, Trilobite


We have three new charm designs! Introducing the manatee, kawaii chemistry flask and trilobite charms. Clip the charm to your keychain, backpack or purse and your favorite design can travel with you wherever you go. Or, choose a brass chain or choker necklace for a nerdy cute fashion accessory. Get the manatee charm or necklace.

Kawaii chemistry flask are semi-transparent! Get the charm or necklace.

The trilobite charms are life-size to some species of trilobites! Get the charm or necklace.

Keep them for yourself, or give as a gift or Valentine’s Day present to your  nerdy crush! Also, we are happy to announce that cuttlefish charms are back in stock. View the entire charm collection here or on our Etsy shop.

Have a request for a future charm design? Let us know at fredandlena @