We’re Fred and Lena. With our sister powers combined, we become NerdyCute, designers and makers of original cute, nerdy goodies inspired by science, fandom, and kawaii! We make stickers, stationery, cards, planner stickers, jewelry, charms, and more!

Contact us at fredandlena@nerdycute.com

Lena – web & graphic designer

Twitter @ mcannondesign

Blood type: O

Spirit animal: Pikachu

Favorite snack: toast

Hobbies: playing video games on the Nintendo Switch, reading, pets

Favorite books: my Goodreads

Guilty pleasure: Korean dramas

NC duties: web & graphic design, tech support

Fred – writer & illustrator

Twitter @ tidepooltostars

Blood type: O

Spirit animal: chocolate

Favorite snack: chocolate

Hobbies: TV & movies, reading, keeping reptiles, gardening, sewing, baking

Favorite books: my Librarything

Guilty pleasure: Korean dramas and nuna movies

NC duties: research, writing, illustration