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Goodbye, Hello Kitty

Lena poses in front of the Hello Kitty exhibit at the EMP

Fred and Lena went to visit Hello! Exploring the Super Cute World of Hello Kitty on its closing weekend at the EMP Museum. Here’s our impressions, and some cute photos!


The first thing we noticed upon arriving at the EMP Museum was the Hello Kitty Cafe parked outside! Customers can order cookies and cute merch.


Once inside the shiny, lumpy building, a giant Hello Kitty statue towers above you!


Inside the exhibit, glass cases house various examples of Hello Kitty merchandise from throughout the decades, for every facet of a super cute lifestyle. We oohed and aahed over the goodies, like these Hello Kitty bento.


Disturbingly cute art works by contemporary artists were placed alongside the archives of Hello Kitty goodies, like Melty Kitty Dream. 


We really enjoyed the paintings, and mixed media sculptures like Hello Kitty Kaiju.


The Tokidoki Hello Kitty pharaoh made us feel shrunken down to Hello Kitty’s size (five apples high, in case you were wondering).


It was fun to see Lady Gaga’s famous Hello Kitty dress up close. Hello Kitty really has permeated every area of pop culture.

We’re glad we had the chance to explore Hello Kitty at the EMP Museum before the exhibit closed!