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16 awesome nerdy fabrics

If you’re like us, you often find yourself wishing the prints on your clothes, quilts, and home decor was a little nerdier. Sure, you can silkscreen or stencil yourself some textiles, but for some runway-worthy threads, check out these awesome science- and math-themed fabrics. They’re perfect for all your nerdcrafting needs!

Made something with these or similar fabrics? Send us a photo! Wish there were other kinds of nerdy fabrics? Tell us what you’re looking for!

“Rocket Science Damask (blue)” by robyriker — link!
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Little long-necked dino discovered

Paleontologists recently discovered a relatively small species of long-necked diplodocid dinosaur (the group that includes Apatosaurus and Diplodocus). Named Leinkupal laticauda, the dino is the first diplodocid found in South America and the youngest (most recent) known species of diplodocid in the world.

Read the open access scientific paper here or check out coverage by Science Daily.