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16 awesome nerdy fabrics

If you’re like us, you often find yourself wishing the prints on your clothes, quilts, and home decor was a little nerdier. Sure, you can silkscreen or stencil yourself some textiles, but for some runway-worthy threads, check out these awesome science- and math-themed fabrics. They’re perfect for all your nerdcrafting needs!

Made something with these or similar fabrics? Send us a photo! Wish there were other kinds of nerdy fabrics? Tell us what you’re looking for!

“Rocket Science Damask (blue)” by robyriker — link!


"Making Clouds" by fox&mark

“Making Clouds” by fox&mark — link!

"Earthquake" by vo_aka_virginiao -- link!
“Earthquake” by vo_aka_virginiao — link!
"Color DNA Strip" by minimiel
“Color DNA Stripe” by minimiel — link!
"Color Molecules" by minimiel -- link!
“Color Molecules” by minimiel — link!
"Bone Micrograph" by weavingmajor -- link!
“Bone Micrograph” by weavingmajor — link!
"Mad Science" by emilybluestar -- link!
“Mad Science” by emilybluestar — link!
"Atomic Science" by robyriker --link!
“Atomic Science” by robyriker —link!


"Palos Verdes" from Harts Fabric -- link!
“Palos Verdes” from Harts Fabric — link!

Right triangles have never been so chic!

"Robot Circuit" by robyriker -- link!
“Robot Circuit” by robyriker — link!
"Spacebots" by Birch Fabrics
“Spacebots” by Birch Fabrics — link!
"Ocean Depth Map" by ravynka -- link!
“Ocean Depth Map” by ravynka — link!

Human skeleton fabric from Harts Fabric.

"Periodic Shells" by robyriker -- link!
“Periodic Shells” by robyriker — link!
"Trig and Triangles" by robyriker -- link!
“Trig and Triangles” by robyriker — link!
"Science Lab" by sufficiency -- link!
“Science Lab” by sufficiency — link!