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Short Run 2015


My haul from Short Run Comix & Arts Festival! Detained by Eroyn Franklin, Kinoko’s The Epic of Gilgamesh, Lorel by Tait Howard and Kevin Panetta, Bewitchin’ Kitchen creepy cute food stickers, cat postcard from Deth P. Sun, cute shark sticker by Katie Berntson, Magical Character Rabbit by Kinoko, and dinosaur coloring book by Levi Hastings!

I’ve already finished Magical Character Rabbit and it’s totes indoobs adorbz (that’s how the kids say “totally, indubitably adorable” these days, and by kids I mean me). I can’t wait to read Lorel, it’s so pretty! In fact, Imma read it right now.

<3 Fred

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Thanks, Rose City Comic Con!

Rose City Comic Con 2015

Thanks to everyone who came and visited our booth at Rose City Comic Con last weekend! Our first NerdyCute booth was a blast. We enjoyed meeting fellow vendors and attendees and hope to see you again soon!

We’ve made a few updates to the store and have reordered stickers. If there was something you wanted to buy at the Con but couldn’t because our credit card reader was down (sadness!), feel free to email Fred and she’ll see what we can do about waiving shipping.

We spent today reading every single survey and comment from the con – look for some new designs and offerings (buttons! shirts! more charms!) soon 🙂

Our first issue of FunClub will be going out the first week of October. We hope you’ll enjoy it!

<3 Fred & Lena