Ben Franklin Cup Sleeve

We’re in love with our Chibi Ben Franklin from our Scientist Founding Fathers post. We’ve designed a coffee cup sleeve with the design, using the template from as a base. Simply print on card stock, cut and glue as indicated. You’ll have your own cute, stylish, coffee cup sleeve! Keep it in your bag for those morning (or afternoon) coffee runs, and use it – and reuse it – instead of wasting one of those brown cardboard ones. You can also use these to dress up drink cups at parties – be creative!



16 awesome nerdy fabrics

If you’re like us, you often find yourself wishing the prints on your clothes, quilts, and home decor was a little nerdier. Sure, you can silkscreen or stencil yourself some textiles, but for some runway-worthy threads, check out these awesome science- and math-themed fabrics. They’re perfect for all your nerdcrafting needs!

Made something with these or similar fabrics? Send us a photo! Wish there were other kinds of nerdy fabrics? Tell us what you’re looking for!


“Rocket Science Damask (blue)” by robyriker — link!

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