Meet our continually growing cast of characters at Nerdy Cute and read fun facts! We’re on a quest to draw all the weird animals in our own, cute style. We’ll also list the stickers, stationery and other merch we have available for each character.

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Ankylosaurus‘s full name is Ankylosaurus magniventris because it’s still the only species! (There were other dinosaurs that looked kinda similar called ankylosaurids.) They lived 68-66 million years ago in what’s now Montana and Wyoming in the USA, and Alberta, Canada.


Vampire bat is the common name we give to vampires that eat blood. They have two front teeth that help them make a cut so they can lick up (not suck) blood, which they sometimes share with other members of their colony. There are three different species of bat, all native to Central and South America, whose entire diet consists of blood. But you shouldn’t worry too much! Only one species (Desmodus rotundus) will ever bite humans (the other two bite birds and non-human mammals like goats), and only at night. If you’re ever camping in an area with these bats, you should use a mosquito net while sleeping anyway!


Beavers (Castor canadensis) are the largest rodents in North America! They’re found all over except for the northernmost parts of Canada and the deserts of Mexico and southwest US.


Black Widow Spider

cute-black-widow-web-square“Black widow” actually refers to different species of spiders (from the genus Latrodectus). There are 31 species found around the world (where they’re not all known as “black widows”), including the Australian redback spider. Their venomous bites can be dangerous to humans and animals. Lethal bites are usually the work of females, which pack a meaner punch than males.

Black widow die cut sticker



Lena is often wrangling her pet rabbits, so it’s no wonder she’s drawn a lot of bunny designs including the Dutch bunny (based on our beloved Hooper), white bunny (our mascot), brown bunny,  lop bunny and ninja bunny (based on our feisty lop/lionhead mix Natalja). All our bunnies are house rabbits! Learn more about keeping rabbits as pets from the House Rabbit Society.


Cuttlefish aka “Cuddlefish”

Cuttlefish are cephalopods, just like squids, octopuses, and nautiluses. They’re adorable, with big eyes and W-shaped pupils–and quite smart, although they only live one or two years. Many different species can be found in tropical/temperate oceans around the world, except in the Americas.


cute-flamingoThere are six species of flamingos — two in the Old World and four in the New World. They use their beaks (upside down!) to filter feed on plankton. Their pink color comes from pigments in the plankton.



Mammoths are relatives of elephants that lived from about 5 million years ago until just 4,500 years ago! (Though they are only that recently in a few places.) There were 10 different species (now all extinct). Mammoths are also related to mastodons (the other prehistoric elephant-looking things 🙂 but not as closely as you might think!

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cute-manatee-webSometimes called sea cows, manatees are large, mostly-vegetarian mammals (kind of like a sea… cow…). Three different species of manatee live in the Gulf of Mexico/Caribbean, the Amazon River, and in western Africa.

My Little Pony Ancestors


Narwhals (Monodon monoceros) are medium-sized toothed whales (as opposed to baleen whales); their closest living relatives are belgua whales. They live in the Arctic year-round and can be found off the coast of Greenland, Canada, and Russia. Their “horn” is actually a tooth that grows straight out of their face!


cute pangolin
Pangolins might be the cutest, most endangered critters you’ve never heard of! Four species live in Asia and four live in Africa. They all have protective scales covering their bodies (the only mammals that do!), which are made out of keratin, the same stuff as fingernails. When threatened, they roll up into balls.



cute-ratPet rats (also known as “fancy rats”) are domesticated brown rats (Rattus norvegicus). There are many other species of rat found around the world, depending on what you call a “rat.”


Three species of tapir are endangered; one species, which we know little about, is vulnerable to extinction.

Our tapir design is a baby Malaysian tapir. There are five different species alive today, and all are in danger of extinction. While they make look like pigs with mini elephant trunks, they’re actually more closely related to rhinos.

Arctic Tern

Arctic terns migrate from the Arctic to the Antarctic!

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T. Rex (and Chicken)

“T. Rex” is short for Tyrannosaurus rex, fierce meat-eating dinosaur of the Late Cretaceous (68 to 66 million years ago). There were other species of tyrannosaurids, including Tarbosaurus bataar, which might have been another species of Tyrannosaur.


cute-trilo-webTrilobites are a ground of extinct marine invertebrates. They’re one of the earliest known groups of arthopods (invertebrates like crabs, shrimp, scorpions, and spiders). They first appear in the fossil record 521 million years ago. They went extinct 250 million years ago, during the mass extinction at the end of the Permian.


There are over 40 different species of toucan! They all sport bright colors and big bills. Our toucan design is a toco toucan (Ramphastos toco). When they sleep, they fold their tails up over their backs (they’re probably the only birds that can do this!)

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Whale Shark

cute-whale-shark-square2Whale sharks are the largest species of shark, which makes them the biggest fish in the world! (Not counting prehistoric species…) They filter-feed on plankton, cruising around the ocean not far beneath the ocean’s surface.

Kawaii Chemistry

Test Tube Rack

When you love your friends, but sometimes they just drive you crazy.


Food with Faces

Abraham Lincoln Pickle

She doesn’t remember how it started, but fourscore and seven something ago Lena started drawing famous people as food.

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Archduke Ferdinand Cupcake

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Cherry Tomato

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Ice Cream Bar

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Tater Tot

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